Fruit from the Farm

Rhubarb - May
Strawberries* - June to July
Raspberries* - July
Black Currents* - July
Gooseberries* - July to August
Blueberries - July to August
Peaches - July to August
Plums - July to September
Cherries* - July (very dependent on the severity of the winter)
Apples* - July until they are gone
Pears - August to December
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Our Guarantee
Farmers can't guarantee anything, because of hailstorms, wind, drought, crop failure, freezes, mistakes, birds, bees and everything else...but remember this...we guarantee to do our best to satisfy our customers in all respects!


Asparagus - May to June
GH Tomatoes - May to July
Peas* - June to July
Potatoes - June to November
Onions - July to October
Zucchini - July to September
Fresh Herbs* - July to September
Kale - August to October
Cucumbers - July to September
Sweet Corn - July to September
Tomatoes* - July to September
Peppers - July to September
Squash - September to November. 
Broccoli - September to October
Cauliflower - September to Oct. 
Rutabaga - October
Brussel Sprouts - October to Nov.
Cabbage - September to October
Gourds - September to October
Indian Corn - September to Oct. 
Pumpkins* - September to Oct.
Fall Mums - September to October
*Pick Your Own Available