The term cider actually means two things here in North America. It can be Sweet Cider (Soft Cider) or Hard Cider. Sweet cider is the raw fresh juice from pressed apples that we make here fresh at Campbell's. It is usually a blend of apples produced from quality, clean apples picked from our trees.

Hard cider is the alcoholic beverage produced by fermenting fresh sweet cider. Apple Falls Cider Co. uses our sweet cider for this process! 

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Throughout the summer, fall and winter we press cider bi-weekly to keep it fresh and available! Colin likes to mix up the different apple varieties to get that perfect blend of sweet and tangy!

There are approximately four apples in one cup of cider. Sweet and hard apple cider, when made the traditional way (like ours), is gluten free. Our cider is unpasteurized with no additional flavouring or sweetener. 


Second Place at Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Conference

This year we won second place at the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Conference. Colin was pleased, but next year we're going for gold! Our apple blend that went into this prize winning cider was, McIntosh, Empire and a pear blend. 

Stop in during our pressing days and watch the process happen through the window!